The new line offers functionality not available in standard products, dressed in a modern and durable form. It also changes everyday activities, being a non-obvious decoration of a contemporary arrangement. Magnetic suits every kitchen. Like a star, it will also shine in the rooms open to the living room.
The reality that surpasses expectations – this is the quintessence of the original collection - Magnetic, created by two designers – 
Katarzyna Łogwinienko and Magdalena Paszkowska. 
This is made possible by steel hooks and rails compatible with magnetic equipment, adapted to be hung on the edge of the sink. By placing a washcloth or kitchen cloth and separating them from other items, they increase the hygiene of kitchen work. The baskets that can be placed on the steel cover of the drip tray are of different sizes - adapted to the different needs of meal preparations. All accessories are easy to assemble and disassemble, which facilitates daily cleaning.
Magnetic sinks are a perfect solution for kitchens open to the living room. The available accessories allow you to "hide" your kitchen utilities, such as sponges, cloths, or dishwashing liquid, inside them. 
Design with potential
Granite sinks from the Magnetic series are distinguished by their innovative functionality.

First of all - the division between the bowl and the drainer has been lowered, secondly - they are equipped with internal magnets. The combination of these two features allows you to put a steel mask on a smaller part of the sink and create a new space for use. The design of the sink allows for creation of a gap between the bowl and the shelf, which lets the water drain away to the main bowl. The resuting space can be used in many ways - to drain food products, sponges, dishes , and even to place plant decorations.
with intelligence
  • accessories made of stainless steel, available in three colors - brushed steel, bianco and nero, allowing you to create both subdued and contrasting compositions
  • four model configurations, each available in five colors – alabaster, metallic grey, anthracite, dark graphite and black
The Magnetic series is a proposition for everyone - the available sizes and colors of the sinks make them universal solutions for any kitchen. Various bowl setups in reversible layouts, practical lowering of partitions that increase functionality and diversified colors are in line with the trends in interior design.
Multidimensional design
Granite sinks from the Magnetic series accumulate all the features expected from this type of equipment. They are hydrophobic - they repel water particles, do not absorb odors, have antiseptic properties, are resistant to impact, high temperature and thermal schock. They are designed for everyday kitchen activities as well as for special tasks, guaranteeing the durability of form, functionality and appearance, which is so important in modern interior design.
of the future
Magnetic granite sinks - extraordinary power of attraction
The Magnetic collection is a line of granite sinks with magnetic properties. Although this solution is not visible to users at first sight, it opens a whole range of new functionalities and allows for the arrangement of a modern kitchen at its finest.

Magnetic collection accessories, matching the granite magnetic sinks in this series, combine aesthetics and elegant appearance of the space with functionality, and thoughtful, user-friendly design.
Magnetic accessories – solutions for multifunctional kitchens
Kitchen open to the living room – interior, which lives together with the household.
In today's world, borders are losing their relevance and we are slowly moving away from designated, separated zones in the interiors and opening our doors to new solutions.
An expression of such openness in interior design is a kitchen open to the living room.
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