The delicate, unobtrusive line of the series perfectly harmonizes with the interior. Not pretending to be the first star, it complements both expressive arrangements in an original way and emphasizes those with a minimalist character. It fits perfectly in small bathrooms in blocks of flats and tenement houses, enjoying its aesthetics, functionality and intuitive operation.
Classic material, modern shape and innovative functionality - these features of Agawa bathroom fittings series make it a universal solution, perfect for bathrooms of various styles.
Spouts are equipped with a static or mobile aerator, optimizing water consumption by properly directing the stream and its aeration. The shower hoses offer a practical anti-twist function, to prevent twisting during use and o-ring to stabilize the hand shower in the hanger. The whole is complemented by the anti-calc function – a system of silicone rubber bands that prevents limescale deposits, thus extending the durability and reliability of the shower head.
The Agawa line offers many innovative functionalities. The bathtub and shower models are equipped with click switches - one press is enough to redirect water stream to the spout or hand shower, even at low pressure.
Ergonomics in few dimensions
We can find among them both classic wall models, concealed solutions, and a 3-hole bathtub mixer. The entire collection is crowned with a rain shower - elegant and minimalist in form, perfectly integrating with built-in shower cabins. The series will allow you to easily equip any bathroom - both already finished and in the design or renovation phase.
The Agawa line is a comprehensive series of bathroom fittings - tailored to the different needs of users. The basis is eight models of faucets - washbasin, bathtub, shower and dedicated bidets.
A complete set of solutions
The unconventional concept of the Agawa line is the work of Maria Warenik – a graduate of Product Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk.
It is an expression of a modern philosophy of designing utility objects, combining aesthetics with functionality and ergonomics. Classic and elegant, and at the same time modern in form, the fittings show balanced proportions, and its minimalist shapes are broken with a delicate line and subtle details. The timeless chrome finish makes it a perfect solution for any bathroom.  
Elegance and ergonomics
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